Work-life Balance Requires Balanced Books

Work-life balance requires balanced books. Hire an accounting professional and you’ll have time to focus on your business and enjoy life more.

The idea of natural balance

The idea that there’s an optimal balance for everything – including our professional life and personal life – is an enduring one.

For a long time it was thought that the entire natural world existed in a stable equilibrium or homeostasis. The Gaia Hypothesis is a balance of nature theory that regards the Earth as a synergistic, self-regulating complex system that maintains the conditions for life to exist. The idea of natural balance continues to endure in popular imagination, although it’s frequently called into question by ecologists who observe that chaotic changes in nature are in fact common.

Maintaining balance is important

Maintaining balance is important nonetheless. For example, we each have a biological system that tells us where we are in relation to the environment; the eyes observe our position in space (i.e. upside down, right side up, etc.) and consciously or otherwise we adjust our body accordingly. By such means we achieve a comfortable state of balance. We maintain our equilibrium when walking, standing, sitting, or lying down. However we’re more likely to experience bodily aches and pains when unbalanced by poor body posture or when remaining still for excessively long periods.

Work-life Balance: Glyder Fach, Snowdonia, North Wales
Work-life balance: Cantilever Stone on Glyder Fach, Snowdonia, North Wales

In business we talk about “balancing the books” and “work-life balance”.

When you balance your books, you prove by calculation that the amount of money you received is equal to the amount that you spent. Your business book balance should match the balance on your bank statement at the specified date, and the bank reconciliation statement will identify any difference between the two.

Work-life balance is achieved when your personal life, professional life, and family life are equal; there is no opposition between your work and your other life roles. Sadly this tends not to be the case for many people. There are numerous studies suggesting that continually working long hours in a stressful environment is likely to have a detrimental impact on your overall physical and psychological health and family-life.

How’s your work-life balance?

My aim as an accounting professional is to help business owners achieve and maintain a healthy work-life balance. I do this by taking care of the accounts so they have more time to run their business and enjoy life.

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