In The Dark With Your Accounts?

Are you in the dark with your accounts? Waiting for the Year End check-in with your accountant to learn how your business has performed? If so, you need to read on…

I found myself reminiscing about caving recently.

The photo on the left was taken June ‎2006 in Bull Pot, Kingsdale, Yorkshire. The photo on the right was taken October 2009 in Knotts II, Leck Fell, Lancashire.

Yorkshire and Lancashire are riddled with caves and potholes that were formed by the action of water on limestone over millions of years.

The fossilised remains of sea creatures is evidence that the limestone bedrock of those two counties lay submerged beneath a shallow, tropical sea once upon a time.

Stalactites and stalagmites are among the weird and wonderful objects to be seen underground.

But photographing them isn’t easy, as even the best of cameras are likely to suffer in the wet and muddy conditions one usually finds.

Being inside a cave is as close to pitch-blackness as you’re ever likely to experience, so you better hope your lamps don’t fail if you wish to see daylight again.

On which cheery note…

If you’re feeling in the dark with your accounts.

Or at the end of your rope.

Unlike many accountants, I don’t leave you dangling until the Year End.

Limited company owner, sole trader or in a partnership: with my booking service you get balance sheets, profit and loss reports and cash flow statements whenever you want them.

Real-time management reports that enable you to make informed decisions and move your business forward.

Bookkeeping, invoicing, credit control, VAT, payroll and Self Assessment returns are all done for you.

You gain time. Save money. And enjoy peace of mind.

Need a little help?

My Accounting Emails are for business owners who want a better understanding of their financial position. They’ll help you manage your cash flow and stay in the black.


Need more help?

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“As a small business it is important to always have financial clarity and often it is difficult to try and do this yourself. Paul has worked with us for several years and has streamlined and organised all of our accounting systems. He provides us with a complete accountancy service and is very professional in his approach as well as being a likeable guy.” - D. Walsh, Director. DualTEC Services Limited, Keighley.
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“Paul has done a great job putting my accounts on to Sage Business Cloud, and also got a discount for me. I like that the software is MTD compatible and I can access it from anywhere. Paul sorts out all my invoices, does my bookkeeping and produces reports every quarter (or whenever I need them). He is friendly, reliable and easy to work with - it's good to have him on board." - C. Milne, Proprietor. CAM Properties, Carnforth.
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